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Here is my review of the new album of Patricia Kaas.
First of all I am thrilled she released a new album. I love all her previous albums, but after Kaas chante Piaf it is so good to have an album again with her own songs.
Let’s start with “Adèle“. What a great song that is.
Patricia told us, that after the death of her parents she would have loved to have had somebody who held her hand and told her that everything is ok.
I love the guitar and the rythm of the song and I very well understand the meaning of it.
Even now, when I am older, I often wished there was somebody that could hold my hand and tell me everything is ok.
The next song is “Cogne“. Such a difficult subject. About domestic violence. I never suffered from domestic violence, thank God, but I understand very well how this would influence your life. Patricia performs it in a fantastic way. I hope it can comfort somebody.
Madame Tout le Monde” is something quite different. It is a nice, modern and catchy song, that stays in your head after you listened to it. Which is a good thing of course.
The only critic I have is, that it doesn’t really fit on this album. All the other songs really fit well together, but this song feels a bit strange on this album.
Having said that, the song is great and the videoclip too!
In “Sans Tes Mains” again the guitar is fantastic! The message is clear. A longing for a lover. I really love the arrangement.
Then “La Maison en Bord de Mer“. Again a difficult subject. About Incest.
But what a great song this is. A haunting refrain, that stays in your head too.
Embrasse” starts with what sounds like a buddistic “Aum”. Patricia said that this is a positive song about love and holding each other. I love the rythm and the percussion of the song.
Then “Marre de Mon Amant“. Well the title says it all. Somebody who has enough of her lover.
I love the piano. A bit a melancholic song.
Sans Nous” is a song about a lost love. I have a bit difficulties with Patricia’s voice in this song. In the refrain it almost seems she can’t reach the high notes. I don’t like that.
Ne L’oublie Jamais” is a song about love again, but there is something wrong. I love the arrangement. The song gives me an unsafe feeling. As if something can go wrong any moment.
It somehow reminded me of Sarah Brightman’s “Question of honour”.
Le Jour et l’Heure” is a great song. About the attacks in Paris, but also about loss in general and that you always remember where you were at such a time. Perfect song.
The next song is “La Langue Que Je Parle“. Patricia sings that the language that she sings is less elegant and more violent than the language that she speaks.
It is a good song, but it doesn’t grab me.
Ma Météo Personnelle” immediately reminds me of “Kabaret” and also of the “Rilke Project”. For me it sounds German. No idea why.
Great song. After the quiet start the refrain is cheerful.
Ma Tristresse Est N’importe Ou” is a melancholic song again.
And then the bonus song “Le Refuge“. A home for young homosexuals. Too bad something like that is necessary. Let’s build a world where everybody can feel safe and accepted!

To conclude, this is a great album with beautiful songs. The arrangements are fantastic and I can’t wait to see what Patricia and her team create for the live concerts!

Here you can listen to short samples of the new album:

Limited De Luxe Edition

Patricia Kaas

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12 Nov. 2016